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  • Sabine Kurjo McNeill 6:16 pm on January 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Written by Ian Josephs – publisher of which was turned into

    I am a social worker,
    I’m really very nice.
    I help you loving mothers,
    And give you good advice!

    Your partner has departed,
    Your income is too low.
    I’m really very sorry,
    All your kids will have to go!

    Your partner is abusive?
    He beats you black and blue?
    We’ll soon be there to help you,
    And take your children too!

    You have a learning problem,
    You’re really not too clever,
    We’ll get your kids adopted,
    When can you see them?? NEVER!!

    Your son is hyperactive?
    You need a brief respite;
    We’ll soon take ALL your children
    Give up the hopeless fight!

    Your child was taken into care,
    So many years ago,
    If now you have a baby,
    That too will have to go!

    Foster parents love your kids,
    To get some more they seek,
    For each one brings a tidy sum,
    £400 per week !!

    Children’s homes are run by us ,
    Where paedophiles abound,
    Each time we cover up abuse,
    “The gutter press” come round.

    “They” said adoptions worked the best,
    We soon proved that they would,
    Fathers shout and mothers cry,
    Their kids are gone for good!

    What happens in our special courts?
    Our experts they will say
    “You’re a danger to your children,
    So we’ll take them all away!”

    Your children may be healthy,
    Happy and well fed,
    But one day you might hurt them,
    That’s what our experts said,

    The judges know that we are right,
    With us they will agree,
    They dare not risk another course,
    You have no chance you see !

    Our special courts are secret,
    So don’t you breathe a word,
    Of what goes on inside those walls,
    No matter how absurd!

    We’ll get your kids adopted,
    And don’t you dare complain!
    Or you’ll end up in prison,
    And I won’t say that again!

    We have adoption targets,
    They must be met you see,
    Failure means a reprimand,
    So spare a thought for me!!!

  • Sabine Kurjo McNeill 8:07 pm on December 3, 2012 Permalink | Reply  

    I just found this poll for people to ‘report’ sexual abuse on the site of the Catharsis Foundation:

  • Sabine Kurjo McNeill 12:39 pm on December 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Child, Child abuse, Child sexual abuse, Children Youth and Family, Forum for Stable Currencies, House of Lords, Ireland, James Dunlap, Mental health, Sex offender, Sexual abuse, Social work, Support group, White-collar crime   

    Whose children are taken? 

    White Collar Crime by Jackie Ball: Sculpture I...

    White Collar Crime by Jackie Ball: Sculpture In Context 2012 (Photo credit: infomatique)

    This site is meant to act as a FORUM for victims of white collar crimes of which I have unfortunately observed many – since organising the Forum for Stable Currencies at the House of Lords in 1998:

    • child snatching is the most heinous tip of a most shameful iceberg
    • fraudulent bankruptcies illustrated the falsification of ‘official’ documents
    • unlawful home repossessions are the best example of corrupt collaboration between various agencies and institutions.

    Bankrupts are gagged from screaming about their injustice by being ‘sectioned’ or even being given ‘community treatment orders’, i.e. an injection once a month…

    Parents whose children were taken are gagged from howling about their pain by injunction orders.

    As less and less men are being sent into wars, more and more children are being taken from their mums. The list below was produced by a mum who knows from her personal experience: she first reported the abuse of her daughter by her ex, ended up being victimised by the local council, fled to Ireland to have her second baby and landed in prison where she collected these impressions:

    • foreign nationals whose work visas expired — they take their children
    • women who go to the authorities for help after sexual abuse — they take their children
    • women who are physically abused by their husbands — they take their children
    • women who are arrested kept in a cell overnight and released without charge — they take their children
    • women who take their children to the NHS after a fall or illness  — they take their children
    • women who suffer from depression  — they take their children
    • women who have had a child taken from a previous abusive relationship and they get pregnant again — they take their children
    • women who go abroad — they find them and take their children.

    I want the stories from the women who have experienced the police and social workers turning up in the maternity suite and taking the newborn.  We need to show the country what is really going on.

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      P.O.BOX 13413, WUSE ZONE 3
      March 22, 2013
      MOBILE: 08091572233 OR 08033849085
      HOME OFFICE REF H1192539/3
      My name is David Henry born on 09March1973, hails from Akoko Edo local government in Edo State; I married Gloria Adiabokpa David on 3rd December 2001 according to the native law and custom in Abuja who was born on 28August1975. She hails from Oria in Edo State Nigeria. We gave birth to our children Audrey Aisosa David on 17 September 2006 and Praise Efosa David on 08March2010 while in United Kingdom.
      I came to UK in 2006 with my wife on visit visa due to challenges we faced over our marriage i.e. constant miscarriages and family harassment. My wife was pregnant while we got to UK; I resorted to working illegally to be able to care for her with the pregnancy and myself. In April 2008, UK immigration arrested me for working illegally and I was sentenced to 3months imprisonment. I was released from immigration detention in December 2008 to join my wife and our daughter because she was having human rights application pending. Deportation order was signed against me in January 2009, while my wife human right application was still pending.
      My wife started misbehaving, on the excuse that, the deportation order signed against me would affect her human right case, she wanted us to live separately I opposed her ,she made our relationship difficult due to this reason, hence, I complained to Swansea immigration to separate us. Swansea Immigration informs the police to investigate my claim, I was invited to the police station to give my statement, and neither my wife nor I was charge with any offence. We were both given different apartments by the UK authority in July 2009 due to her request, despite UK immigration home curfew placed on me in Swansea due to the deportation order signed against me for working illegally. I was paying my wife and our daughter regular visits and phone calls, 40miles away from me in another city where they were relocated at 15 Alexandra Road Canton, Cardiff, Wales. Phone: 07979995631 or 07960641779. She never denied me access to my kids while I was financially supporting them with my meager allowance as I have been forbidden under immigration law from taking lawful or paid job
      On 08March2010, my wife gave birth to our second daughter; I registered the baby at the registry in Cardiff. On 25March2010 I pleaded with UK immigration to relax my curfew so that I could pay my children more visits and to be taking the older one to school since the mother was just recuperating from the childbirth, I was invited to immigration office on the basis of this request on 31March2010 accompanied by Mrs. Anna Malita a family friend. On getting to immigration office I was detained for final deportation to Nigeria. Mrs. Anna Malita of African Community Centre, Dr Jeni Williams a lecturer at Trinity University College Carmarthen, and some members of the Community where I lived wrote letters to immigration authority not to deport me as that would sever relationship between me and my children and that my wife just gave birth and would require my assistance, but immigration authority said that my wife would soon join me in Nigeria as they did not plan to separate me from the kids.
      I maintained a good relationship with my wife and children when I got to Nigeria through phone and I kept sending items to them through courier but few months later, my wife denied me access to her and the children, ignoring my phone calls. I sent several letters, she refused to reply to anyone of them, my father-in-law, my lawyer ,my parents and my efforts to reach her proof abortive, while some of my friends in UK told me she has developed a relationship with another man and that maybe the reason she is keeping away from me and everyone who knows me.
      Hence, I am so concerned over the well being of my children especially with her involvement with another man which gives me concern about my children’s welfare and well being who are minor and under age, there is no factual indication that I am offensive to them from either court of law or police in UK, it is UK immigration that has been obstructing and denying me access to my children disproportionately.
      I am appealing to you to investigate the matter, and help me resolve how I can have custody of my children through family court in UK as lack of access to these children since deportation has been causing me sleepless night, trauma and constant headache amounting to serious torture for me as I have been denied access from providing financial and moral assistance to my kids as I used to.
      Yours faithfully,
      HENRY David

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